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Wipe dispenser system for surface disinfection (reusable)

The fibers of the rolls do not consume the active agent of the disinfectant and yet provide an efficient surface performance. LOFTEX®-WIPES ensure a safe and hygienic cleaning and disinfection of smudge-resistant objects and surfaces in hospitals, nursing homes, medical practices, laboratories, kitchens, sanitary areas and in the pharmaceutical and food industry. Use of the wipe dispenser system for surface disinfection in areas with / without risk of infection (reusable).

Advantages of LOFTEX®-WIPES

  • 100% PET-fiber, non-woven roll, low linting
  • Complete and efficient use of the disinfectant
  • Prevention of cross-contamination
  • Perforated sheets / individually wrapped
  • Minimum adsorption in comparison to non-woven cloth qualities
  • Ideal wetting of the disinfection surface
  • More efficient disinfection and cleaning results due to perforated structure compared to flat nonwoven cloth surfaces
  • 1 batch label for labeling the wipe dispenser system included
  • Reusable, before refilling the dispenser and lid must be cleaning and has to disinfected with a suitable disinfectant
  • Use the dispenser system for surface disinfection in areas with / without risk of infection
  • Independent efficiency report, over 28 days of service life with LOFTEX®-WIPES in a wipe dispenser system available upon request
  • Incl. 4-field test, phase 2, level 2 according to the requirements of DIN EN 16615: 2015 microbiological stability according to EuAB 2008, chapter 5.1.3

Detailed information

Art Nr.TypeColorgsmSize (cm)Capacity/rollCapacity/unitUnit/pallet
1240050rollwhite5032x2950 sheets10 rolls48
1240090rollwhite5032x2990 sheets8 rolls48
1240115rollwhite5030x25115 sheets8 rolls48
9010460Bucket + Lid
white/ white transp. -approx. 5,6 Lfor all sheets 24 pcs.16

Futher qualities and formats available upon request




very absorbent

extra soft

low linting

especially tear-resistant

solvent resistant

Area of application

Areas of application with special requirements, e.g. for surface disinfection in the health sector

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