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Wipes and Care cloth

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Surface disinfection

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Wipe and Care Cloths

Our product range includes wipe and care cloths for universal and economical use. They are suitable for dry and wet cleaning, as well as for personal hygiene. You will also find ready-to-use soaked disposable non-woven washing gloves and wet washing gloves for incontinence-associated dermatitis prophylaxis.

  • Body care
  • Surface cleaning
  • Washing without water
  • Incontinence

Surface Disinfection

Our wipe dispenser systems for surface disinfection ensure a safe and hygienic cleaning and disinfection of smudge-resistant objects and surfaces in hospitals, nursing homes, medical practices, laboratories, kitchens, sanitary areas and in the pharmaceutical and food industry.

  • LOFTEX®-WIPES plus


Papierhandtücher und Toilettenpapierrollen aus Recyclingpapier oder reinem Zellstoff, unterschiedliche Formate und Falzarten, gleichbleibend hohe Qualitäten.

  • Kosmetiktücher
  • fairpaper® Falthandtücher
  • fairpaper® Toilettenpapier

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