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Wipe and care cloths for universal and economical use!

MARACEL® wipes are very suitable for simple dry and wet wiping and cleaning operations as well as for patient hygiene as Airlaid disposable washcloth.

Maracel Wischtücher und Pflegetücher

The advantages of MARACEL® wipe and care cloths

  • Cellulose (Airlaid)
  • Environmentally friendly

Detailed information

Art Nr.TypeColorgsmSize (cm)Capacity/unitUnit/pallet
1135110cloth extra light white 5033x3040 pack à 40 pcs. = 1.600 pcs. 24
1136000cloth lightwhite 6033x3421 pack à 40 pcs. = 840 pcs. 24
1136010cloth small/lightwhite 6033x3030 pack à 40 pcs. = 1.200 pcs. 20
1137000clothwhite 8033x3420 pack à 30 pcs. = 600 pcs. 24
1137005clothwhite 8033x3024 pack à 35 pcs. = 840 pcs.24
1137010clothwhite 8033x5520 pack à 25 pcs. = 500 pcs. 20


Gut saugend - Maracel Wischtücher

good absorbent

to high absorbent

Weiche Wischtüchger und Pflegetücher


Unsere Maracel Wischtücher sind sehr fusselarm

low linting

Reißfeste Pflegetücher und Wischtücher


conditionally resistant to solvents

Area of application

Applications with low to medium requirements, as well as for personal hygiene

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Healthcare Wipes and Care cloth Wipes and Dry Disposable Washing Gloves MARACEL®